"West Bloomfield Woods is a subdivision consisting of 220 individual homes
North of 14 Mile Road and West of Drake Road,
in the Township of West Bloomfield, Michigan. 
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Snow Plowing

The WBWHOA board has again contracted with Frank's to do the subdivision street plowing for 2017 - 2018.  Please let us know about any street plowing issues as soon as possible at snow@WBWoods.com

If you are looking for someone to plow your driveway, please send an email to snow@WBWoods.com and we will send you a copy of Frank's driveway plowing contract. 

If you decide to contract to have your driveway plowed, send the signed contract and payment directly to the Snow Plower.  If there are any issues with driveway plowing please work the issue with the snow plower you hire.

  • No cars may be parked on the street during a snow storm.

  • The subdivision snow plower and the Oakland County Road Commission plows will throw snow against the curbs. Please make sure you mailbox can withstand the force of thrown snow.

  • If there is any problem with street plowing please notify the board at snow@WBWoods.com as soon as possible.

  • It is normal for the street plowers to leave snow along the curbs and driveways. While the plowers will attempt to minimize the effect of this, removing the snow at the foot of the driveway is your responsibility. If you are unable to do this yourself we suggest you hire a company to take care of your driveway.

  • Be wary of plowing offers attached to your mailbox. Many times in the past these companies take your money then are never seen again or donít come out in a timely manner after a snowfall. Check them out at the Better Business Bureau !

Trash Pickup

Note that as of September 2016 GFL Environmental has replaced Rizzo as the trash pickup service for West Blooomfield. 

For 2019 trash will be be picked up on Wednesdays except for these Thursdays after holidays:

January 4, May 31, July 5, September 6, December 27

Our service day might be delayed one day (or two) if there is a very heavy snow.  Check the GFL website at http://gflusa.com if in doubt.

Note that WB ordinance requires that trash must be put out by 07:00 AM on Pick Up Day but no earlier than 6:00 PM on the day before.  Receptacles must be removed by 8:00 PM on Pick Up Day.    

GFL Environmental Services has been selected by West Bloomfield Township (not this HOA) as the only trash pickup company for West Bloomfield.  The township requires that each house in WB sign up for this service.  Please contact GFL at  844-464-3587 to sign up for trash pickup.  GFL will bill you directly. 

The WB Township as of 9/3/2017 requests that

"Township residents and businesses having complaints or concerns regarding recyclables or waste hauling pick-up (GFL WASTE HAULING COMPANY) should call Township Supervisor Steve Kaplanís office at (248) 409-1581. Thank you."

For other issues you can check the GFL website: http://gflusa.com.  
Or contact them at 
gfluscustomerservice@gflenv.com  or 844-464-3587. 

Please send comments on this website to RayD@WBWoods.com