"West Bloomfield Woods is a subdivision consisting of 220 individual homes
North of 14 Mile Road and West of Drake Road,
in the Township of West Bloomfield, Michigan. 
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The Road Commission of Oakland County is responsible for routine maintenance of our roads.  (Road replacement is the responsibility of the homeowners along the road.)

Please let them know about any problems in our subdivision roads, especially those that pose a danger. 

The RCOC reacts (more quickly) if they receive multiple reports.  Let the board know about the problem and they will submit reports also. 

Be sure to emphasize the severity of the danger the road problem poses to those on bicycles and in cars.  Specify the location and type of problem. 

You may report the problem here:


Or send them an email message with a detailed description to:


Or if you wish you may call them to report the problem. 

(877) 858-4804

Or write to them:

The Road Commission for Oakland County
31001 Lahser Road
Beverly Hills, MI 48025