"West Bloomfield Woods is a subdivision consisting of 220 individual homes
North of 14 Mile Road and West of Drake Road,
in the Township of West Bloomfield, Michigan. 
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Homeowner Association Dues and Status Letters: 

The amount of annual association member dues is set each Fall and has been between $110 and $210 over the last 7 years.  Current year dues are payable on January 1.  By deed restrictions, all homeowners are required to belong to the association and pay the yearly dues.  Dues for 2018 have been set at $110.

To request a dues status letter when refinancing a mortgage or selling a house please send a note by email to board@wbwoods.com or if absolutely necessary call the board. 

Please give the lot number and house address and owner name(s).

Include complete contact information for the person to receive the status letter:  name, title, company name, company address, email address. 

Very importantly:  let us know when you need the letter.  Date please, not "ASAP." 

Because your unpaid volunteer board has a life too, please give us as much time as possible to prepare the letter but at least two weeks.  Rush requests may require a donation to the American Cancer Society or your favorite charity.

The WB Woods Homeowners Association Board of Directors

email: Board@WBWoods.com      phone:  (248) 988-6844

Please send comments on this website to RayD@WBWoods.com